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Ryan D.

Thank you so much for the beautiful reading last night! I was so relieved that my friend is happy and doing well! 

Rachel W.

To be honest the first time I got a reading from Michelle before she even began I told her I was very skeptical of this whole thing. I was mainly doing it because my 16 year old daughter begged me to do it with her. I went ahead with the reading anyways just for fun and by the time it was finished I was literally in tears. She couldn't have been more right about every single thing she said and was dead on about things she couldn't possibly know. She knew things that only I knew. There was a point in the session while she was speaking to my daughter I talked to my grandma in my own head and Michelle stoped talking to my daughter mid sentence and she gave me my grandmothers response. I got goosbumps! It was so amazing! My grandma truly was right there with us all. It didn't just change my aditude about psychics, she literally changed my whole outlook on life for the better just by knowing the things she told me.  I now recommend everyone - the believers and non believers to Michelle and all of them responded back to me thanking me telling me how amazing she is! She truly has a gift and I am so glad she stumbled into my life

Jessica R.

I have been searching for the right words about my reading with Michelle Thursday but how can I exactly describe what it was like? It was amazing, emotional and mind blowing. Michelle was kind and took time to explain things. I knew as soon as I found Michelle on Tik tok I wanted her to read me and connect with my loved ones. I will be booking again with her. Thank you Michelle for giving me peace knowing my loved ones are around me.

Emma M.

I highly recommend receiving a reading from Michelle! After constantly watching her give great messages to others through her tiktok platform, I had to experience it myself! She provided spot on evidence! Even for someone I didn't expect to come forward! After my reading, I discussed it with other family members who found messages within and validation that I may have missed! All around great experience, she's amazing!

Jacky L.

I can not thank you enough for that reading!! I have always been a believer but YOU definitely put the icing on the cake! From beginning to end I had goosebumps!! The details you gave me were truly on point and that was amazing. The patience you had with me as I wiped my tears was more than appreciated! You gave me the closure I desperately needed with my brother and a simple THANK YOU will never be enough for me to show my gratitude. You have such a calm and welcoming personality and you are making a difference with ALL that you do!! I am beyond thankful I came across your page and had a chance to be the sitter!!

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