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The course (s) will cover a little bit of everything, from Spirit Guides, Opening/Closing, Intentions, Gathering Evidence, Dialing-Up, Auto-writing, Psychometry, Animal Communication for Passed Pets, Clairs, some Crystal work and maybe even Channeling 101. With the subjects above being covered, the course will also be designed to your needs.  So if there is a subject we need to cover or practice more, or a subject not mentioned above, we will change the course to suit  that. We also work on fine tuning anything that you would like to cover.


1-Hour Mentorship

The 1-Hour Mentorship is one session of mentorship on anything you feel you need to work on, any questions you have, etc.


4-Week Mentorship

The 4-Week Mentorship is one, 1-Hour session per week, over 4 weeks.

I learned so much from you that has helped me tremendously on my journey. Not only were you extremely honest about where I am but also so open, supportive and how extremely connected you are with my guides that we focused on what I needed to learn for my growth at the time.

Misty Rodgers

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