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Come explore the Spiritual World through these 3-hour mini workshops.  Learn how to develop your abilities to enhance your everyday life or to further your journey as a medium.

Limited Spaces available for each workshop so be sure to book early!

Upcoming Workshops

Mediumship in Paranormal investigations

This workshop will explore how to investigate haunted locations as a medium.  Lessons may include but not limited to: the clairs, automatic writing, psychometry, tools, and more. 

When:  Sunday, June 30th; 1-4pm EST (3hour class)

Cost: $85

Meet your Spirit Guide

Learn about all the different Spirit Guides that can come into one's life.  Then, through exercises, meet the Guides or Guides that are all around.

When : TBA

Exploring the Clairs

The clairs are one of a medium's most important tools.  The workshop will explore what the clairs are, how to use them, and finding out what is your strongest clair.

When:  TBA

Spirit Dictionary:

The spiritual realm can send messages through signs and symbols to us here in this Earthly plane.  But what does it mean?  Explore the meaning behind signs and symbols, and develop your own spirit language.

When: TBA

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